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Terms and Conditions

Pupil's responsibilities

  1. To attend lessons regularly (i.e. one per week).
  2. To practice regularly as instructed by the teacher.
  3. To take their learning seriously: a keen, motivated and cooperative approach in lessons; an active interest in music outside of lessons (e.g. listening to music, playing with other musicians, watching music/tutorial videos, attending concerts)

Payment of fees

  1. Lesson fees are reviewed annually. Pupils/parents will be notified of any increase in fees in writing the term before the increase takes place.
  2. Lessons must be paid for upfront in blocks of four (or, as a matter of convenience, whichever multiple has been agreed upon previously).
  3. By paying for blocks of lessons you are reserving your time slot each week.
  4. All block-booking payments are non-refundable.
  5. Fees must be paid in cash or via bank transfer. Cheques will not be accepted.
  6. A reminder will be sent as each new block commences.
  7. If payment for a block is still outstanding by the 2nd lesson then a £10 charge will be added to that block for each lesson taught until payment is settled.
  8. The teacher reserves the right to refuse lessons which have not been paid for or for persistent late payment.
  9. If you are having difficulty paying for lessons please contact the teacher as soon as possible.

Attendance policy

  1. Pupils are expected to attend lessons weekly.
  2. During the short school holidays (e.g. half-term, Christmas and Easter) regular lessons will take place unless agreed otherwise.
  3. During the long school holiday (July/August) lessons will take place on an ad hoc basis agreed by the teacher and pupil/parent.
  4. Unless notified otherwise public holidays are treated as normal working days and regular lessons will take place.

Cancellation Policy

  1. If a pupil wishes to cancel a lesson the teacher would appreciate as much notice as possible in order for the lesson to be rescheduled to another time that week.
  2. Any lesson which is cancelled with less that 48 hours notice and cannot be rescheduled that week will be forfeited, except in extreme circumstances.
  3. If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson they will provide as much notice as possible and the lesson will either be rescheduled that week or carried over to the following week.

Trial Period

The first 2 lessons will be provided on a trial basis where payment must be made on the day in cash only.
These lessons allow me to assess the pupil's readiness for lessons and allow the pupil to confirm that they wish to continue.

Please note: I do not teach children below the age of 8 years old.